Citizen Thinks June 30, 2014

Create & Cascade: Our Approach To Igniting News, Now

Create & Cascade: Our Approach To Igniting News, Now

We ignite News, Now through a two-step approach proven effective to deliver the actions that build brands and drive business metrics.

First, we fuse artistic ideas with a scientific targeting model. We achieve this by bringing together insight-driven ideas with an analytical approach to audience and influencer mapping.

The specific services  we provide to achieve this include:

  • Influencer Mapping
  • Research & Insight Development
  • Collaborative Idea Development
  • Communications Planning
  • Story Development
  • Content Production

Once we’ve aligned on our creation strategy, we take a modern approach to news delivery that cascades content across multiple touch points.  We drive the dissemination of a consistent message through editorial coverage, unique social engagement solutions and memorable consumer experiences.

The solutions we provide to achieve this include:

  • Comprehensive Pitched, Paid & Social Media Support
  • News Jacking
  • Celebrity Integration
  • Online Community Management
  • Experiential Events

Finally, we support all of our executions with award-winning crisis response and ongoing monitoring and measurement to ensure expectations are exceeded and business goals are achieved.




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