Citizen Thinks June 30, 2014

Igniting News, Now

Igniting News, Now

We’ve all seen the headlines: “News is dead”, “Social Media has killed Journalism”.  These headline-grabbing proclamations around the “death of news” have never been so wrong.

In fact it’s quite the opposite. We believe we are in the midst of a renaissance of journalism, not its demise.

The news has never been more vibrant, social, diverse and critical to our lives. Never before have so many had the ability to control and act upon the news that matters most to them. Never before have so many people searched for and passed along news to so many people – even voting for the news we like the best. Never before have outlets for news been as integrated into the fabric of our lives. It’s our inherent human need to know what is going on and the fear of missing out (FOMO) that keeps us glued to screens of all sizes and formats, waiting to see and share the latest breaking news in our personal news feeds.

News is folded seamlessly into the fabric of our lives. We identify, prioritize, and consume the content that matters most to us. News about our communities, families, friends, work, culture, and interests are packaged together across varying media platforms and formats, constantly evolving, but all striving for the same goal – to put people in control.

It may come in different formats today, but news is as powerful, social and dynamic as ever. It impacts how people learn about, buy and engage with brands across multiple business sectors, from food, consumer technology and travel to financial solutions and even everyday personal goods. How well News, Now is managed is either a competitive advantage or lethal business problem. Understanding how to create news that inspires citizens to act and how to manage the news cycle across social channels, newspapers, television, radio and magazines is as critical to the success of our clients as ever.

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